Drill now! Nuke the caribou!

How’s that for a provocative quote! It is from Michael Barone’s article on how $4 gas finally got people’s attention and caused us to step back from what he calls “enviro-lunacy” which he rightly attributes to the enviromentalists and their lobbyists:

…[L]obbyists and litigators for environmental restriction groups have produced energy policies that I suspect future generations will regard as lunatic. We haven’t built a new nuclear plant for some 30 years, since a Jane Fonda movie exaggerated their dangers. We have allowed states to ban oil drilling on the Outer Continental Shelf (OCS), prompted by the failure of 40- or 50-year-old technology in Santa Barbara, Calif., in 1969, though current technology is much better, as shown by the lack of oil spills in the waters off Louisiana and Mississippi during Hurricane Katrina.

We have banned oil drilling on a very small portion of the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge (ANWR) that is godforsaken tundra (I have been to the North Slope oil fields — similar terrain; I know) for fear of disturbing a herd of caribou — a species of hoofed animals that is in no way endangered or scarce….

Now all that is in danger, because the pain of paying $50 or $60 for a tank of gas has convinced most Americans to worry less about the caribou or a recurrence of an oil spill that happened 39 years ago.

It’s sad that its taken this much pain to wake people up, but at least more are finally starting to pay attention.  I don’t really have anything against the caribou, but I am convinced that more [safe] drilling is a major part of the eventual solution to this mess!


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