The Messiah’s world tour

It is really quite nauseating to see the MSM networks falling all over themselves to portray Obama’s trip as the greatest thing that has occurred in our lifetime when in reality it is just one non-stop photo op.

It is more than a little pathetic to hear nightly network news reporters talking about Obama’s overseas trip in terms of his gaining needed national-security experience and foreign-policy credentials. As if a few days abroad can miraculously give anyone the experience to be commander in chief in a time of war.

The irony is that the much-improved situation Obama observed in Iraq and the lessons he learned in a few hours of briefings from Petraeus were the result of a war strategy the junior senator has repeatedly rejected and ridiculed throughout his campaign. Bush approved the surge, but it has McCain’s name written all over it.

That strategy came out of numerous trips to the war zones, constant nagging to change a war policy that wasn’t working, and a heroic lifetime of military service.

McCain’s message this week, partially blunted by the withdrawal debate, is that Obama lacks the judgment and experience to think strategically in a time of war. One does not get that kind of experience in a quickie photo-op tour of the battlefield.

(See the rest of Donald Lambro’s column here.)

What is particularly galling is to hear the Messiah try to claim credit for the stability which now exists in Iraq when he fought tooth and nail against the very policies that made it possible. Here is a more realistic portrayal of what things would look like if we had listened to him:


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