Absolutely nailing The Annointed

As this election campaign continues, the depth of Obama’s hubris becomes more and more breathtaking. With the thinnest list of actual accomplishments of any presidential candidate in recent history, he seems to have the most grandiose opinion of himself and his abilities. He will “stop the rise of the oceans” and “heal the planet” along with the more mundane tasks of repealing the basic laws of economics (higher taxes will spur economic growth, increased oil supply won’t lower prices, etc.)

Charles Krauthammer (a psychiatrist BTW) absolutely nails this arrogance and hubris in his column today titled Who does Obama think he is? Don’t you know, Charles? He’s the Savior, the Annointed One, the Great Hope of Humanity…. sorry, I had to stop to throw up.

While the Four Horsemen may not be here yet, I think I see them saddling up offstage left!


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