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Couldn’t have said it better

Here is a column that says what everyone who has spent any time in a public school classroom lately knows is the truth: we are dealing with a generation of rude young people who think they are entitled to do … Continue reading

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Here is someone finally saying what needs to be said about oil prices and drilling. See More Drilling Please

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Verrrrrry interesting…

With all the caterwauling we have been hearing about “global warming”, here’s a very interesting warning coming from a scientist speaking of the danger of global cooling! See World needs more CO2, environment confab told.

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“Secular-progressive” bigotry

Jonah Goldberg has always been one of my favorite writers. I was particularly struck by his most recent column in which he contrasts the ways that “secular progressives” bend over backwards to avoid offending Muslim sensibilities, yet revel in a … Continue reading

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