All who are legal are welcome

Many have tried to cast opponents of the recent immigration “reform” bill as being “anti-immigrant” or worse “anti-Hispanic”. Nothing could be further from the truth. The principal issue for the vast majority of those of us opposed to amnesty is illegal immigration. By providing amnesty to those who have broken the law (and continue to break the law on an ongoing basis) we would be rewarding those who refuse to abide by the rules and penalizing those who are making every effort to abide by them and immigrate legally.
One particular letter to the editor in today’s Tampa Tribune really caught my attention and pretty well sums up how a lot of us feel about the unfairness of amnesty:

I am a legal immigrant from France. I first came to the United States in 2000 with an H2B visa and worked in resorts. I had to go back home every time to reapply for my visas. At the U.S. Embassy in Paris all the interviews I went to were conducted in English.
In 2003 my status changed to resident and I got a work permit. As of today, I have a conditional permanent card and I am in the process of removing those conditions I still don’t know when I will be eligible for citizenship.
I did everything right to come to this country. I followed all the deadlines and appointments and paid all the fees I have been asked to – by the Immigration Service. I learned English and I pay my taxes. I would be very upset if an illegal immigrant who cannot even bother to learn the language would be granted citizenship before me.
I believe the American dream should be for everyone, but you have to get it the right way. If you give amnesty and citizenship to all the illegals, what kind of message are you sending to all the legal immigrants who did everything right and still are waiting for their benefits? — Betty Farkas-Hart, Tampa

That is an excellent question… one which I have yet to hear supporters of this legislation address, other than to deny that the bill provides amnesty (which it clearly does!) Our son’s friend Candice would love to immigrate here from Australia so that they could have the opportunity to really see where their relationship might lead. She is trying to do it legally but keeps running into one roadblock after another. That is what is so infuriating about the politicians who still don’t get why the people are so dead set against this bill… it rewards those who should be punished and penalizes those who should be rewarded!

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One Response to All who are legal are welcome

  1. Maxim says:

    I’ve been an illegal immigrant in the UK for 3 years. It was before my country entered the EU. My reasons were not entirely mundane, I wasn’t very poor at home. It’s just that I had great interest in British culture, spoke quite decent language, wanted to see it all not on the TV screen but in reality. It wasn’t possible to stay and work in the country legally and too expenssive for me to come over as a tourist. So I joint legeons of all sorts of illegal or half and quarter legal migrants.

    What I learned is that the UK immigration legislation (and I assume the American one) is as clumsy and distant from reality as the one can be. What it does really – keeps off all kind of normal individuals while letting in crowds of illiterate barbarians. I often think that the more healthy solution for these (the most prosperous and therefore desired) countries would be complete removal of any restrictions on migration.
    The other way round is closing the borders and removing the hypocritical mask of fake humanity. Pick those you need; turn off the others with no exception.

    I don’t think htis amnesty changes much in the long run. Someone is offended; but someone is always getting offended, not a big deal 🙂 It’s a tactic solution but not a strategical – just a move to temporary release the pressure.

    Good move I think and forced.


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