This time he’s wrong

Those of you that know me know that I am about as conservative as they come. As such, I have backed President Bush through all the criticism that he has encountered regarding tax cuts, the Iraq war, Guantonomo, etc. However, on the immigration issue, I find myself not only opposed to the bill he and others are trying to ram through, but also take great offense at the tone he has adopted in attacking those who object to the bill and it’s likely effects. His speech last week on the subject was condescending and insulting toward conservatives just because we have the audacity to raise substantive objections to the likely effects of legalizing 12 million illegal aliens in one fell swoop. Aside from the fact that this proposal originated with Ted Kennedy (who I don’t trust any further than I can throw a piano) we have heard all these empty promises before. The 1986 “comprehensive reform” bill was sold with almost identical promises of stepped up border enforcement, greater penalties for those who employ illegals, etc. in exchange for amnesty. Surprise, surprise… only the amnesty provisions actually were put into place. Somehow the Washington crowd “forgot” to follow through on the other parts of the bill. Now they feign surprise that the 2-3 million illegals we were worried about then have ballooned to 12 million plus. So the great solution is to do more of what already hasn’t worked. Unbelievable!

As I said earlier, the really disturbing part of all this is that the President has chosen to attack and insult those of us who have stood with him through all the difficulties of the last few years just because we have raised honest questions and objections. Coming from a president who often has shown loyalty to those who don’t seem to deserve it (Harriet Myers, Alberto Gonzalez) it is more than a bit galling that he seems to care more about the opinions of Ted Kennedy and CNN than he does about his long term supporters!

See: Presidential Wrongs: How about cracking down on illegals, not conservatives?
and Peggy Noonan’s excellent piece Too Bad


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  1. Lenora Neidert Kroner says:

    Hi Steve-I am working on a 30th reunion for Bear Creek High School Class of 77. Have I found Steven Bradley Hull who grew up in Lakewood Colorado? If so, would you contact me at (303) 795-7552 or…Thanks! Lenora

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