A sense of perspective

The high-stakes war to stabilize the fragile democracy in Iraq is a serious, costly and controversial business. But so have been most conflicts in American history. We need a little more humility and knowledge of our past – and a lot less hysteria, name-calling and obsession with our present selves.

Historian Victor Davis Hanson once again provides another important reminder of the sense of perspective that has been completely lost in the public debate over Iraq. The mainstream media continually paints this as the “worst military disaster” that has ever taken place… and they are consistently wrong in that characterization. Hanson catalogues a whole series of mistakes and disasters that make anything that has gone wrong in Iraq pale in comparison. (see Hanson’s most recent column Iraq War Recalls Past US Conflicts, Controversies)

I do think has been rather interesting that the press has been focusing on “growing” problems in Afghanistan the last several weeks and not saying too much about Iraq. Cynical as I have become about the biased press, that makes me wonder if the President’s troop surge plan in Iraq isn’t starting to work. If it wasn’t, we sure would be hearing about that, wouldn’t we?


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