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Maybe there is still hope…

I was amazed to run across this article (Holland’s Post-Secular Future) about how traditional Christianity is making a comeback in Holland of all places. In many ways, Holland in general (and Amsterdam in particular) had seemed in recent years to … Continue reading

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Jesus is the reason…

As Christmas approaches, it is too easy to get caught up in the hoopla and commercialism and forget what it’s really all about. Now that school is out and things are a little less hectic, it’s good to stop and … Continue reading

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This about says it all

Despite the mainstream media’s rapture at reading the report of the Iraq Study Group, this perfectly illustrates what the report’s recommendations really mean. For a much more sensible (and moving) response, see Katherine Ham’s I know a Marine and he … Continue reading

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Michigan got robbed…

…and Florida will get annihilated by Ohio State in the National Championship game. I sure would like someone to explain how Michigan dropped in the standings twice in two weeks when they didn’t play??? If anyone seriously thinks that the … Continue reading

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Another great quote…

“Barack Obama is Bill Clinton with a tan.” Doug Giles in Obama Wants Your Evangelical Mama’s Vote

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