Who is really responsible?

Here is an analysis of the election results that is spot-on:

The post-mortems are accumulating, but I think the obvious has to be stated: John McCain and his colleagues in the Gang of 14 cost the GOP its Senate majority while the conduct of a handful of corrupt House members gave that body’s leadership the Democrats….As cooler heads sort through the returns, they will see not a Democratic wave but a long series of bitter fights most of which were lost by very thin margins, the sort of margin that could have been overcome had there been greater purpose and energy arrayed on the GOP’s side. The country did not fundamentally change from 2004, but the Republicans had to defend very difficult terrain in very adverse circumstances. Step by step over the past two years the GOP painted themselves into a corner from which there was no escape. Congressional leadership time and time again took the easy way out and declared truces with Democrats over issues, which ought not to have been compromised. The easy way led to Tuesday’s result.

Read the rest at: The Road Not Taken: Forfeiting a Majority

The congressional Republican leadership in general (and John McCain and his “Gang of 14” cronys in particular) have a lot to answer for in the events that lead to yesterday’s bloodbath in the elections. In addition, I can’t get over the feeling that all those conservatives who either voted for Democrats or stayed home have done the equivalent of giving the keys to the liquor cabinet to a bunch of alcoholics. If you think spending was out of control before, just wait for the next two years with the Democrats in charge!


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