More McCain cluelessness

Here is one more reason to add to a long list why I will never vote for John McCain for president. As he has demonstrated many times in the past, beginning with the truly awful McCain-Feingold campaign finance bill, he once is showing himself to be oblivious to the real world implications of his high sounding public posturing. By publicly derailing the President’s attempt to get clarification (and thus legal protection) for US agents interrogating terrorists, McCain is joining with those who care more about the “rights” of terrorists than he does about the lives of American citizens. By joining McCain in this effort, Colin Powell has shown himself to not be much better.

Thomas Sowell has absolutely nailed it with a column which concludes with the following:

“No amount of security precautions can protect us from all the thousands of ways in which terrorists can strike at times and places of their own choosing — and eventually strike with nuclear weapons. Our only hope is to get advance information from those we capture as to where other terrorists are and how they operate. Squeamishness about how this is done is not a sign of higher morality but of irresponsibility in the face of mortal dangers.”

For more on this, see Suicidal Hand-Wringing and McCain’s Dubious High Ground


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