Oliver Stone finally gets one right

We went to see World Trade Center the other night. WOW! I think this is the first of Oliver Stone’s movies that didn’t make me want to throw something through the screen. For once he kept his kooky politics out of it and just told the story. It certainly brought back a lot of intense emotions as I sat there reliving that awful day. Even though it has a rather narrow focus (the story of a single pair of trapped policemen and their families), the broader picture kept intruding as I remembered my own reactions and feelings on that day. It certainly makes you remember what the war on terror is really about. I couldn’t help thinking that too many have forgotten that central fact in the 5 years since these events. In my opinion, too many people carp and complain and find fault with everything that the Bush administration does rather than actually trying to make a constructive contribution. Have they made mistakes during those 5 years? Sure… who hasn’t? But judging by yesterday’s news of the foiling of another monstrous plot, they must be doing something right. At least we won’t be left lamenting August 10th the way we do September 11!


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