The truth on stemcell research

Once again the media is distorting the facts on a controversial issue: embryonic stem cell research. The claim is made incessantly that only embryonic stem cells provide hope for cures of Parkinson’s, spinal chord injuries, etc., etc. and that the President’s veto of the bill opening up federal funding to such research is casting us back into the dark ages. The actual facts are that much more progress has actually been made through research involving adult stem cells and blood from umbilical chords, neither of which involve the destruction of the human life contained in an embryo. This more humane type of research, which the President and most of us in the pro-life community support, has so far shown much more promise for actual results than the much more speculative “results” of embryonic cells. Once again the media is not so much reporting facts as it is advocating for the liberal social position on an issue. For further specific information, check out these articles:

Science’s Stem Cell Scam, and The Veto: Shall We Cross the Great Moral Divide?, and the most poignant Sliding Down the Slope.


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