Halfway point

I just realized yesterday that I am at the halfway point of my summer break as of today.  My, how time flies!!  This is the first summer in forever that I have not had to work a regular job and have been able to take it easy… a bit anyway.  Jacque always makes sure that I have something to do.  She started her new job today but she left me a "honeydo" list of things to get done today… šŸ™‚  I was all set to start working for Papa John's delivering pizzas… that is until I showed up for the first day and they told me I would have to shave my beard off in order to work there.  I told them "thanks, but no thanks"… I've had my beard for 20+ years and I'm not shaving it off for a 2 month summer job.   Anyway, I went from there over to Domino's (sorry Jay, but there are relatively few Little Caesar's around here) and applied and I'm waiting to hear back from them.   We'll see what happens…  I better get back to the honeydew list and get it done before too long!   Later…


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One Response to Halfway point

  1. Angela says:

    I love you, Dad.

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