Been gone too long

My wife pointed out the other day that I hadn't posted in over a month… so I guess I need to get going again. Here goes:
School – We just finished the first semester of the school year. It's hard to believe that the year is halfway over already. Time sure seems to fly these days. My Holiday Concert went really well… I was particularly pleased with how well my Beginner Band played. They have only been playing for a few months, but they did a great job with full fledged pieces (including key changes and time signature changes!!) Now I have two glorious weeks at home… no commuting (YAY!)
Family – It's great to have our daughter here with us for the next couple of weeks. About the only disadvantage of being down here in Florida is that we don't get to see our older kids as much as we would like. I did get the chance over Thanksgiving to make a quick trip up to Michigan to see our son & daughter-in-law (who are expecting a girl due in April!!) as well as Nikki & Jay and their two adorable children Max and Graceann…"Papa" got to spend a very enjoyable day with them! 🙂
Finally… I can't close without just one political observation (sorry, Jacque). I found a great column today that takes a long view of what has been accomplished in the last 25 years that you don't hear about from the doomsayers in the media. You can find it here: Lessons of 25 years


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