Dodged another bullet

This hurricane routine here in Florida is starting to get a little bit old. Wilma is the 8th hurricane to hit the state in the last 15 months (which just happens to be the amount of time we have lived here!) At least this one landed most of it’s punch on the Everglades area. There are several good things about that fact: 1) hardly any inhabitants; 2) the swamps have the most natural ability to absord the water without destruction; and 3) the water levels in the Everglades have been very low for the last several years and this will help raise them back closer to normal levels. All the schools in the area were closed as a precaution, which made it nice to have an extra day off at home. The worst of the storm went through in the early morning, so by the middle of the afternoon there was sunshine again, although it’s still very windy. The temperatures have dropped into the low 70s (oh no, WINTER!!) LOL!

On another subject, we have a sales contract on our house. (YAY!) The only glitch is that it is contingent on the buyer’s sale of their condo, so that may delay the process slightly. We have tentatively agreed on a mid-January closing, so at least we can begin the process of finding a place in the Clearwater area. Stay tuned on that front…

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