Happy New Year?

I know it’s not Jan.1, but several teachers at school were saying “Happy New Year” all day today as it was the first day of classes for this school year. Once again I’m at a new school, trying to learn the names of a whole new bunch of teachers and another group of kids. I had the opportunity to meet all the kids in my classes today… about 150 of them all together. It will be nice this year to have them every day rather than only having each class once a week like I did last year. It sure makes it a lot easier to remember names and to put them with faces.

I have 42 in my top band right now, which is about double what I started with in my first band job (more than 25 years ago… YIKES!). It seems pretty well balanced with the exception of the high woodwinds (12 flutes vs. 3 clarinets… I’d really like those numbers to be reversed). Oh well, you work with what you’ve got. I do have about 40 in 2 sections of beginning band, so I can have some input in helping plug some of those holes for the upcoming years. My chorus has 52 in it… almost too many to be managable. But, again, you make the best of it. At least we shouldn’t have any trouble being heard!

I’m looking forward to this year and excited about the possibilities… More later.


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