One chapter ends, another begins….

Well, today was the end of one chapter (teaching in Manatee County) and the beginning of another. I signed my contract for this upcoming year to teach at Kennedy Middle School in Clearwater. One of the nice things about this change is that Pinellas County pays substantially higher than Manatee does…and they are going to give me credit for my 3 years of teaching in Michigan (which Manatee refused to do because it was a Catholic rather than a public school). That means that I will get about a $3500 a year raise from what I was paid last year. That’s good, because once again we are going to have to move. It is more than 50 miles from our house to my new school, and, while I don’t mind commuting for a while, I don’t really want to do it permanently. Jacque is currently looking for a job at one of the hospitals or doctor’s offices over in Pinellas. Once she finds one, we will seriously get going on selling the house and finding another one on the other side of the bridge.

While I will miss many of the people here who were very helpful to me last year, I am excited to finally be able to do Band rather than General Music. That’s my background and my strong suit and it will be good to be back doing that again.


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