What a month

I realize that I’ve been very negligent about posting this past month. It has been a real rollercoaster of emotions! The first week of April, my principal dropped a bombshell out of the blue. He informed me that I am not being rehired for next year. When I asked why, he replied that, since I was a first year teacher, he didn’t have to give me a reason. With that, he was gone. As I said to Jacque later, it felt like a “drive by firing”. We were down for a few days, but we’re doing much better now. It seems that he wants to bring in his own people, since he did the same thing to a couple of the other first year teachers as well.

Then both our daughter and our youngest son had accidents where they totalled their cars. Other that some minor injuries to Angela in the second crash (broken nose and effects of whiplash), they both seem to be OK… thank the Lord for that!

Finally, today I got a call and an interview for a vacant middle school band job here in the same district. I meet with them at 4:00 on Thursday. Here’s hoping (and praying). Even though middle school kids can be challenging, I would like to move up to that level so that I can do regular band rather than just vocal and rhythm band stuff. We’ll see what happens!


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