Couldn’t have said it better

Chuck Colson’s column today captures the sad irony of Terri Schiavo’s slow death by starvation drawing nearer to its conclusion on Good Friday: Between Life and Death

Here is the heart of the matter:
What an irony this presents this year. Jesus died so that we could be free and saved. It was a noble death, if there ever was one. But another death occupies the headlines today, one that mocks the death of Jesus. It is Terri Schiavo who is being killed by judicial fiat. For what reason?
She is being killed so that society can get rid of a nuisance. She is being killed so her husband can be free to marry the woman he has lived with for years and who has borne his children. Her husband, allegedly, profited from the damages paid because of the medical injury to Terri. She is being killed so that medical funds can be saved.

May God forgive us all for this travesty!


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