The barbarians have returned

As a follow up to yesterday’s post on the Schiavo case, I would like to pass along some of the best columns I have come across on the subject.

For the legal and moral aspects…
** Schiavo Case Matters in Symbol and Substance (Cal Thomas)
** What Next? (Linda Chavez)
** Is Prosecution the Solution? (Andrew McCarthy)
** What If She Called 911? (Jack Dunphy)

As usual, Peggy Noonan absolutely nails the cultural issues, questioning the reasons for the “bizzare passion of the-pull-the-plug people” in a column titled In Love With Death.

Finally, here is a take on this issue from the perspective of the The Screwtape Letters which would have made C.S. Lewis proud: Screwtape Revisited (Meghan Cox Gurdon)

Sadly, it must be acknowledged that, not only have the barbarians returned, but they are now in charge… (of the court system anyway!)


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