What a piece of work!

Well, it appears that the leading candidate in the “Husband from Hell” competition (AKA Michael Schiavo)is about to finally get his wish. He is to be finally freed from his sworn responsibility to love, honor and care for his wife Terri because the courts have decided there will be no reprieve and that she will be starved until she is dead. Contrary to media propoganda, such as the recent ABC poll with it’s incredibly biased questions (see here), she is NOT brain dead, she is NOT on “life support” and she does NOT have a terminal condition, other than requiring food and water to live. Yet, the “gods in black robes” have decreed that she must die and so she will.

No, what we really have here is an unfaithful husband who wants his wife dead and out of the way so he can be free to marry the other woman he has lived with for the last 10 years, by whom he has had 2 children. This piece of work wants to maintain the legal and moral authority of being a faithful husband without the inconvenience of actually being one! If he wants to go on with his life without Terri…fine. But he doesn’t have to kill her. Her family is more than willing to take care of her, but he won’t let them.

It’s amazing how so many have gotten duped into accepting Michael Schiavo’s act that he is the longsuffering husband who “just wants to honor his wife’s wishes.” He conveniently “remembered” that she told him this AFTER he won a million dollar malpractice award for her care and rehabilitation. I think this is the real reason he won’t just divorce her and go on with his life. He wants the money. However, he may have outsmarted himself, in that, during the course of the 10 years he has been fighting to have her killed, the money has mostly been used up. I think it would be poetic justice if, when Terri’s court ordered torture is complete and she finally succumbs to death, there is very little money left for her ghoul of a “husband” to collect. I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes on judgement day!


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One Response to What a piece of work!

  1. Phil Hull says:

    All I can say is yes and amen. If your career in education doesn’t work out, you should be an editorial writer.

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