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Finally it appears that people are finally starting to say that we’ve had enough of this nonsense where Christmas (celebrated by the VAST majority) is not to be spoken of due to concern about the tender feelings of the MINISCULE minority and are starting to take action about it. Some further articles:

** Who’s Afraid of Christmas?
** Keeping Christ in Christmas

From two of my favorite writers who always make me laugh…
** Lighten up, it’s Christmas (Jonah Goldberg)
** M**** C********, if you know what I mean (Kathleen Parker)

A national campaign that has started to challenge this foolishness…
** Saving ‘Merry Christmas’

The Rutherford Institute is committed to helping Christians fight this politically correct idiocy. Here’s some info from them…
** Do you know the ’12 Rules of Christmas’?

Finally, here’s something that puts it all in some perspective:
** Teach the Children


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