The anti-Christmas bigots

The anti-Christmas bigots are at it once again. From all over the country there are incidents where policies are being put into place prohibiting any public mention of Christmas, while at the same time allowing (or even promoting) the celebration of everything else… Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, the Winter Solstice, you name it (as long as it’s not Christian).

Here are some examples as well as some great responses to the arrogance and idiocy that lies behind it:
** Nativity removed to avoid ACLU
** Christmas Under Fire
** Political Correctness on 34th St.
** Officials reverse decision to ban Christmas trees (only after being threatened with lawsuits)
** Plano School District Bans Christmas Colors
** Goodbye Christmas?
** Those Who Put Up Decorations Make Society Better
** A Jew says “Merry Christmas”

None of this is to say that Christians are totally without responsibility! We have become too complacent for too long and are only just starting to wake up to the reality that we have permitted to develop. Part of the problem has been the disdain for and neglect of the Arts that has become too common in many quarters of the Church as a whole. This article… Christianity and the Arts …points out how the Church has lost its historic vision of the centrality of the Arts as a reflection of the image of our Creator. Take a few moments this Christmas week to research and find how many of the GIANTS of the Arts viewed their artistic expressions (particularly the ones based on the Christmas story) as being acts of worship and gratitude to God! You could start with Bach and Handel, but I guarantee your search won’t end there!

In conclusion, let me say loudly and clearly… MERRY CHRISTMAS!


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One Response to The anti-Christmas bigots

  1. rommel says:

    yo, i live in the philippines but i feel the same way. christmas should be about jesus christ and not all the other stuff that we put in the way.

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