Arrogant corporations

There are a couple of our big corporations that I’ve had enough of and I am starting my own little private boycotts. The first is Target for their kicking out the bellringers from the Salvation Army. They are claiming publicly that it is in order to make their “no solicitation” policy consistent, but I know for a fact that this is a crock. The number 3 guy at their corporate HQ is openly gay and he has been campaigning to punish the Army for the last 3 years and has finally been successful in his quest. This really all started 3 years ago with the big push by homosexual groups to try to force the Army to abandon its Christian principles and grant “domestic partner” benefits to any employees who were homosexual. After an initial misstep by the Western Territory (shortly corrected after a huge internal uprising), the Army has maintained its principles and refused to be intimidated into compromising its principles on this issue. For this the “tolerant” folks on the Left, such as this Target official, are determined that Christian organizations such as the Army must be punished, regardless of the damage it will do to services to the poor that they always claim to care so much about. The hypocrisy goes on! I’m shopping at Wal-Mart from now on, and I wrote and told Target so.

The other company I’ve had it with is Northwest Airlines. We had the misfortune of flying with them this weekend and once again ran smack into their incredibly bad service, coupled with an attitude of “that’s your problem” that we have encountered before. We were forced to take a leg of a flight that we didn’t want (under threat of having our return flight reservation cancelled), and then the incompetence of their personnel turned this scheduled 22 min flight leg into a 2.5 hour ordeal. I am going to wait to send them my e-letter of complaint until we get back home on Sunday. If I send it before then, I wouldn’t be surprised to find that they had screwed up our return flight to Florida. So fly Southwest, Southeast, USA3000, ATA, Spirit… take your pick, but tell Northwest to take a flying leap!


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