Another Hollywood whitewash

Maybe you have heard some of the hype about the new movie Kinsey. If all you had to go on was the movie trailers and other promos, you might be left with the impression that he was some brave man who stood heroically against the overwhelming forces of repression to “speak truth to power”…. and you would be totally wrong!! This movie is another case where Hollywood has chosen propoganda over truth (surprise, surprise!!) and Michael Moore wasn’t even involved in this project.

Simply put, Alfred Kinsey was an incredibly depraved pedophile who, neverthess, managed to cloak his perversions with the respectability of “science”. The media in the ’50s were duped into accepting this, but those in recent years have no such excuse. Ever since 1981, a few brave authors have tried to get the truth out about Kinsey’s “research” but have been ignored or silenced by the mainstream media.

Here are a few of the many, many things that I’m sure will be left out of the movie, yet are all well documented. (I am only going to post the links because much of this information is disgusting… be warned in advance!)

*Dr. Kinsey and the Children of Table 34
*Film Falsely Depicts Famous Sex Researcher
*Selling Sex in the U.S.A. (This is quite lengthy but it contains not only a lot of documented information, but it also traces Kinsey’s influence down to some of the more abhorrent aspects of society today.)

These issues are also covered extensively in Daniel Flynn’s excellent new book Intellectual Morons: How Ideology Makes Smart People Fall For Stupid Ideas. He spends an entire chapter on Kinsey’s history and the gigantic fraud that his “research” has fostered on our society.

Don’t be fooled by promotional hype or even the fact that Liam Neeson is starring in this film. Alfred Kinsey was an incredibly evil man who has done tremendous damage to our society and his influence lingers yet. Contrast how this propoganda piece will be praised with the way that Mel Gibson was savagely attacked last year for accurately depicting The Passion. Media bias lives on!


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One Response to Another Hollywood whitewash

  1. J is for Joy says:

    Disgusting? That’s an understatement if ever I read one. Your warning isn’t enough. I couldn’t get more than a paragraph or two into it! I didn’t think it would be that bad … I was thinking that, well, Jerry Falwell probably thinks Shrek is “disgusting,” Steve’s standards may be somewhere between Falwell’s and my own so I can handle this…

    what your warning *should* say is “Even if you are accustomed to sex in the media and think you can handle this – it’s still going to make you cringe and almost cry and seethe with rage” but that, I’m afraid, is probably also too subtle.

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