A smorgasbord of articles…

I have been enjoying not only the President’s win on Tuesday, but also the plethora (yeah, big word… showing off that college edjicashun…) of great articles from some of my favorite conservative writers. Here are just a few:

* I Tried to Tell You…
* It’s the Culture, Stupid
* Now That We’ve Voted
* The World We Leave Our Children

But here is the one I like the best:
* So Much to Savor

I have always loved Peggy Noonan’s writing. She has the marvelous gift for always finding the perfect phrase that captures the essence of the moment. (She wrote the speech that Ronald Regan gave at the memorial for the Challenger astronauts!) Anyway, enjoy the feast!


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2 Responses to A smorgasbord of articles…

  1. J is for Joy says:

    Wouldn’t it be great if President W had a blog? And wrote it himself?

  2. Stephen Hull says:

    I think he might be a tad busy for that… :-)–>

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