Another one down…

Well, I completed another hurdle on the way to final certification to teach in Florida yesterday. I took the “General Knowledge” test for elementary teachers. This is essentially a test to screen out the total morons… I mean, anyone who couldn’t pass this test has absolutely no business being in front of a class. However, it is a 5-6 hour affair in 4 sections: writing an essay, English language skills, reading comprehension and math.

The essay question turned out to be a huge “hanging curveball” right over the plate: “Write about a place you have lived or visited that people have misconceptions about.” Those of you that know anything about me know that I lived in Africa for 5 years as a child. That essay virtually wrote itself! The English language and reading sections were also a breeze (thanks to my mom’s drilling all those grammar and spelling rules into my head when I was a kid).

The math was probably the most challenging, since I haven’t taken a math class since my senior year in high school (1974!) Most of the questions weren’t too bad if you just stopped to take a moment to think them through and make sure of exactly what was being asked. Towards the end there were 3 or 4 questions that got into really advanced algebra (graphing equations, solving equations with multiple variables, etc.) and I really couldn’t remember how to do those. (Cassie… I was wishing you were there to help refresh my memory! đŸ™‚ With it being multiple choice I still have a one out of 4 chance on those…

Anyway, on the whole I feel really confident that I did well. I don’t have to ace it, just pass it and I’m sure I did. The one other hurdle I have to pass this year is a 2 Saturday course called English for Speakers of Other Languages… a requirement due to the many different cultures that we see represented in our schools here. So far, so good….


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