John K. Fairy?

Columnist Maggie Gallagher has an amusing take on last week’s presidential debate:

What got to Bush? Here’s what I think: It was not the brilliance of Kerry’s debating tactics but the absurdity of the essence of the new Kerry position: The war on Iraq is an easy thing. The reason bad things are happening is Bush is bungling.

Give that man a wand and slap a pair of wings on his back: John Kerry is running for fairy godmother! Our allies are opposed to the war? A swoosh of the Kerry wand and President Kerry will have the French and Germans rushing to our rescue in no time. Iraq needs a new army to defend itself? Zap bing–the Kerry touch will make training an Iraqi army faster and easier. Al-Qaida and other terrorists are pouring over the border to join the fight? When Kerry is elected, the guerrilla insurgency will magically disappear. A summit? How brilliant! Why didn’t President Bush think of that?

The problem, as we noted yesterday, was that the “allies” whose approval Kerry would seek were actually part of Saddam Hussein’s coalition of the bribed. The almost certain result of Kerry’s “diplomacy” would have been Saddam’s continued defiance of U.N. resolutions. The U.N.–and, more important, the U.S.–would have suffered an enormous loss of credibility, as threats of force proved empty.


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