Worldviews in this election

There is perhaps no better defining example of the two main opposing worldviews than this Presidential election. Kerry and his ilk are determined to use any distortion, any lie, any change of position to accomodate the shifting winds… all because they “know what’s best” for the rest of us. In other words, because they are “the enlightened” and the rest of us are just poor ignorant slobs, anything they do is OK because the end justifies the means.

In many ways this helps explain some of what has puzzled me for quite some time. How is it that Bush is constantly portrayed by so many as not just someone they disagree with, but as someone totally vile and evil? In the first place, I think this says much more about the critics themselves than it does about him…psychologists call it “projection”. More importantly, this type of portrayal never squares with the CONSISTENT picture I get of an honorable, basically decent man who often has the opportunity but refuses to savage his opponents in the same manner as they treat him. In other words, he gives every evidence of someone LIVING OUT the Christianity he professes. His critics may not take much comfort in that… but I sure do!

Here’s what started me thinking about this…
Why the World Hates George W. Bush


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One Response to Worldviews in this election

  1. J is for Joy says:

    The Real Reason Not to Vote for Kerry

    The focus of this “reason” is his wife. If I had ONE BILLION DOLLARS … I would have sense enough to get a decent haircut. I’ve often suspected that Theresa Heinz-Kerry was forced into marriage to John (I think she was left to him in her late husband’s will) as much as she felt pressured into taking his name but even so if my husband was running for President, I’d do a little more to look presentable.

    So if their marriage is crap and they’re just putting on a (not very well kept) face, why should we trust him? Speaking of faces – if Linda Tripp or all of Clinton’s trailer skanks could get makeovers that made them look less skanky (I’m not talking about Monica – she just has a problem keeping off the twinkies) certainly someone with ONE BILLION DOLLARS might have such resources.

    If John Kerry can’t persuade his own wife to dress in a way that might even remotely have the words “fashionable” or “stylish” applied … why should I let him persuade me to vote for him?

    But … it could be said that she isn’t running for president so who cares.

    Then let’s talk about John Kerry’s hair. If my wife had ONE BILLION FREAKING DOLLARS I would ask if I could have enough to get a decent haircut instead of something that looks like I’m trying to look like Bill Clinton. And … I might buy my tie from the Marshall Field’s clearance rack where they have some quite affordable ties that are very nice instead of wearing ties that look like I got them at the thrift store or from some estate sale for an old man who bought his ties before eyes were invented.

    Or maybe they think they look good. In which case they’re clearly blind or stupid.

    On the other hand, we have the Bush twins … they know how to dress. And they, or someone else with some sense, dresses their father. And Laura Bush obviously went to the Hillary Clinton School O’ Style which is not a bad place to attend.

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