Dodging the bullet…again

Well, it looks like the Lord has answered prayer. All the hurricane forecasts since yesterday are projecting the path of Ivan further and further west… out into the Gulf of Mexico and further away from us. We’re not totally out of the woods yet. It still could make an unexpected turn to the east like Charley did, but at least everyone is reaching the point of being “cautiously optimistic”. This is one of those times where our own relief is tempered by the realization that people in other areas will not be so lucky. However, central and south Florida is about due for a break and it looks like we finally might get one. We probably will still get some of the winds and heavy rain, but it looks like the center of the storm will be far enough away that we should be spared the brunt of the storm.

Several of the surrounding areas had already cancelled school for Monday and Tuesday, but Manatee County (our district) had decided to wait until today to make that decision and I’m glad they did. We’ve missed 3 days because of hurricanes already… we lose any more and we’ll be making them up on Saturdays or at the end of the year – neither of which appeals to me.

Jacque has a really good line on a job at one of the hospitals. She goes back Wed. for the 2nd interview. I’m sure she will be writing about it on her page. There are really some very interesting “coincidences” surrounding this job situation that really make us think that it’s the “God-thing” we’ve been waiting for. Keep praying!


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