This is starting to get old

Hurricanes are becoming less and less fun as time goes on… (not that they are really a hoot to begin with!) We have spent the last 3 days inside as the winds and heavy rain of Hurricane Frances made it next to impossible to be outside. We actually spent Saturday night and all day Sunday hunkered down at the Clearwater SA Corps building once mandatory evacuation of my in-law’s mobile home park was ordered. We had come up to Largo to be with them after they called several times on Sat. morning. We ended up helping out at the corps with the neighborhood folks who came in for shelter. Some habits are hard to break… 🙂

Frances took it’s sweet time meandering across Florida… finally leaving our area at about noon today. Fortunately, our area didn’t suffer a lot of damage (other than some flooding) because the storm had largely spent its energy by the time it got here. Unfortunately the people on the Atlantic coast were not so lucky! Some of those areas got busted up pretty badly. Now, they’re starting to warn about the next hurricane (Ivan) which is just getting going out in the Atlantic and is expected to get here in 7-8 days. The TV guys have been going with 24-7 coverage since Friday. One of the weather guys commented that it was a remote possibility that it might make a turn and go out to sea and added hopefully that “we are about due for a break!” We are still not having school tomorrow, but staff are supposed to come in and make sure everything is OK for the students to come back on Wed.

While two (and now possibly 3) hurricanes in 6 weeks is starting to get old, I still wouldn’t trade it for the snowstorms that northern winters bring. In some ways, we’re paying our dues for the nice weather we will be enjoying come January! We still love being in Florida… this is just turning out to be an unusually active year for hurricanes. This too shall pass!


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