Welcome to Florida… again :-(

Well, here we go with more fun with hurricanes. At least this time it is heading for the other side of the state. While Charlie came in from the Gulf of Mexico side (directly in our neighborhood), Frances is coming in on the Atlantic side and looks like it will be a long way away from us. (Thank goodness.) The people who you really need to pray for are those in the middle of the state in Polk County (Lakeland and surrounding areas) who got hit hard by Charlie and quite possibly could get clobbered again by Frances.

However, they did cancel school for us tomorrow, not because there’s any worry about the storm hitting here, but rather because they are preparing our schools to use as shelters for those evacuating from the east side of the state. If our experience with Charlie is any indication, those coming over here to get away from Frances may have a real difficult time finding hotel rooms.

I was talking with one of the other teachers at lunch today who has lived in Florida all her life (I’m guessing she’s in her 40s). She said she cannot remember another hurricane season like this in all those years. Usually you get one big one and that’s it. Well, not this year… I guess we’re just getting a good initiation to life in Florida during hurricane season. We want to assure everyone that we’re fine and don’t appear to be at risk this time. Thanks for all your prayers and concern!


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