Just what the doctor ordered

We went to a concert last night that was just what the doctor ordered… especially for Jacque! Those of you that know us well know that we love “black gospel” music. We were invited by our realtor (of all people) to go to a concert at his church. You really gotta love this guy… Scott and his family are the only white people in a 300 member black church. Anyway, they were celebrating the 5th anniversary of the founding of the church by having a concert by their gospel choir. About 20 in the choir but you would have thought there were 3 times as many… man, can those guys sing!! (Phil, it kind of reminded me of some of the times we went to Promise Keepers together and the choir guys all had shirts that said “Real Men Sing Real Loud!”)

Even more than the singing, though, was the spirit and the message of the songs. They started off with about 20 minutes of praise and worship before the choir even came out. Anyone whose ever been to a black church knows that when they worship, they HAVE CHURCH!!! Awesome! Then, once the choir came out, their very first song was called “The Best is Yet to Come” – about how, no matter what difficulties you might be going through, God has a plan and when He puts everything in place it will be awesome… it will rock your world… the repeated phrase was “you ain’t seen nothin’ yet”. I nudged Jacque a couple of times and said “this is exactly God’s message for you right now.” The next couple of songs were just as perfectly timed. We had a great evening… really blessed. Then we went out for ice cream with Scott and his wife afterward for a time of fellowship. It was great.

Then this morning we had a good time of worship in the meeting at the corps. The Majors are still on vacation and so a young man named Shane (who is getting ready to go to CFOT next year) spoke (his first time) and he did great. Jacque and I had been asked to do some praise and worship songs to liven things up a bit so we did 3 right before the message. (Thanks Phil and Angela for those CBLI music books.) A great weekend all around… now just pray that Jacque gets the call on that job tomorrow. Yes, we need the income, but more importantly, she needs to have something meaningful to do all day and I know this job will provide just that!


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