Still going great

For those that might have wondered since I haven’t posted in about a week, things are still going great! I love teaching again and I like how elementary has a lot less pressure than Middle or High School. In fact, a lot of what I get to do is just having fun… particularly with the Kindergarteners! Much of the curriculum I am using for them focuses on songs that are also games (kind of important with that age group). Today we had a couple of different song/games about cats (even though I’m not particularly fond of cats myself, I enjoyed the games). One was from Japan and helped the kids even learn some Japanese!

Anyway, there are always a few who create some problems (particularly in the older classes) but on the whole I’m loving it. It’s great to actually look forward to going to work each day!


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2 Responses to Still going great

  1. J is for Joy says:

    How do you listen to Rush Limbaugh now? Does Jacque record it for you?

  2. Stephen Hull says:

    Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to since I started school. Not having a home internet connection hasn’t helped because it makes it difficult to catch up on the show’s contents off the website. Oh well…

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