First day of school

Well, I survived the first day back to school. It actually went pretty well with the exception of the 3rd grade group I had in the middle of the day. That group happened to have a couple of would be comedians who made it difficult to keep the rest of the group’s attention. The age I was most worried about (Kindergarten) actually went pretty smoothly. No cryers! (yay!) The one thing that I had in common with this group was that I was totally brand new too. We even did a song about all the new things that they were experiencing for the first time. 🙂

It does seem like it will be a fast paced schedule each day. Once the classes start coming I have as many as 3 in a row without any break between them. One class leaves as the next is coming in. I’m sure I will adjust, but it did feel a little hectic at times… at least this first day. I went home and slept for an hour when I got done… 🙂 Anyway, it feels good to finally get underway. Onward and upward!!


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One Response to First day of school

  1. J is for Joy says:

    Comedians, eh? That may be a good sign … that they’re comfortable with you. Singing a “new” song … sounds yummy. I’ve always wanted to be a teacher. Maybe, someday.

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