Why I’m glad NOT to join the NEA

One of the many, many reasons for my looking forward to teaching in Florida rather than other states is the fact that I have the option to NOT join the teacher’s union.  While unions may have done some good in years past (or should I say decades past… like the 1930s), far too many of their leaders have become incredibly arrogant and out of touch with the genuine concerns of their members.  They have too often become wholly owned subsidiaries of the liberal wing of the Democratic party.  Sad to say, the NEA is one of the worst. 

Here is the latest, rather sickening, example…
Hans Moleman on NEA & Democrats on National Review Online
If anyone thinks they can explain this in terms of how any of this is truly advancing the collective bargaining rights of members or the better education of children, I would be interested to hear it.   This insanity is being brought to you by the organization that took in over $19 Billion from its members last year, but tried to tell the IRS in its tax filings that it didn’t spend a single dollar on political activity!  What an incredibly sick joke!
This is why I am very happy to learn that I will not be forced to contribute one cent toward this corrupt organization as I would if I were still in Michigan. 


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3 Responses to Why I’m glad NOT to join the NEA

  1. Jacque says:

    I knew you’d do this….use your blog as an editorial page for politics etc. OH well..that’s who you are & we all love you just the way you are (now that I’ve worked 26 years in fixing you) love ya Jac

  2. Phil Hull says:

    Let the man speak his mind! That’s one of the great things about blogging, you can share things you are passionate about with those who read your blog. Right on pops!

  3. J is for Joy says:

    I’m glad Steve is using his blog this way! I’ve always wanted to be a teacher but didn’t want to go to major in Education because I knew it would be nothing but politics and whatever trends/fads administrators were into.

    The NEA is more responsible for the decline of western civilization than any other single organization. Name an organization that’s worse… go ahead, try… nope, not even the KKK … no one FORCES you to attend Klan meetings … but everyone must go to State Indoctrination Centers (public schools) and be dumbed down by the NEA’s agents of destruction.

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