Great night and awesome day

Had a tremendous time at Pine Knob (excuse me… DTE Music Theater. I’ll never really get used to that!) last night. Went to see Michael W. Smith with Mercy Me and David Crowder Band. All were outstanding. We were a little concerned going in about how the weather would be (predictions of thunderstorms) but they held off until the concert was over and we got into the car. I really like how they have focused the music of this tour on worship rather than just performance.

Today was one of those awesome days when God makes His presence and direction crystal clear. Part of our concern in making the rather sweeping changes in our lives is the finances that it will take to make things happen. A couple of days ago my wife Jacque had a dream that a certain individual would give us a rather substantial gift to help out. We all laughed at her at the time… but, incredibly, that specific individual gave us a check today for the exact amount Jacque saw in her dream. We were totally blown away! We feel that this is God’s way of saying to us that we should just relax… we are on the right track and He will take care of all we need!


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